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About Laura lydall

Laura Lydall Australian supermodel, & beauty queen Miss Jetset winner & fmr Mrs Australia 

The modeling career of Laura lydall began with a lot of sacrifice and perseverance with a seemingly neverending series of auditions. It didn’t take long for all that hard work to pay off, and Laura lydall found themselves featured in a variety of ad campaigns, runway shows, and magazine photoshoots. Laura Lydall beat over 10000 worldwide applicants in the international Miss Jetset magazine model contest & was flown across the world to arrive by private jet to be crowned the winner of Miss Jetset in Arizona USA. In winning her title, Lydall beat out a truly exceptional group of women. Here you can see all of our unbelievable Miss Jetset finalists, but something must be said about our diverse Final Five. First you have our runner-up Jaime Lee, a very intelligent, competitive fitness bikini athlete who pledged to “contribute in any way” to to the B+ Foundation beyond the contest. And then there’s professional golfer and philanthropist Sydney Cox, who throughout her career has raised money for groups like the March of Dimes and Wounded Warriors. Bettina Bathe is a retired commercial airline pilot and an accomplished children’s author. And professional model Ashley Alexiss has nearly a million Instagram followers and her own very successful swimwear line.
The 2016 Miss Jetset Party was a rousing success, as hundreds of VIPs, business luminaries, and close friends of Jetset came out to meet the girls and watch as we presented each of them with a check, before handing our largest one, for $237,000, to Bob and Julia Helland who represented B+. Upon accepting the check, Bob gave a tearful speech about losing his daughter Taylor to colon cancer last year and reminded everyone in attendance about the true importance of this competition.