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Laura Lydall is an Australian supermodel and actress who won the Miss Jetset magazine international model contest & is a fmr Mrs Australia. Over 25 worldwide magazines have featured Laura Lydall on their covers. Laura won Playboy playmate of the year in Denmark. Laura worked with JCVD, Charlie Sheen & Pamela on many tv commercials. Laura has completed training with NIDA for acting and TV presenting. Laura was a celebrity judge for the Sydneys next top model modelling competition.

Laura Lydall's poker journey began during high school days her online alias was lolita007. Although Laura doesn't have any major poker tournaments to her name she's been successful in an odd tournament here and there. With her education and skills she's one to watch. Winning her title Laura Lydall was crowned ‘Miss Jetset 2016‘ after competing with thousands of women all around the world. She also successfully raised over $237,000 for the Be Positive Foundation which is a children’s cancer charity. She arrived by private jet flown from Australia to the USA to personally be crowned and complete a photoshoot for the cover of the luxury magazine publication that is usually know to only have major celebrities as the covermodels.
Jetset MagazineLaura LydallMiss Jetset. Laura Lydall`s phillantropist ways charitable endeavours are supported by her poker winnings which she donates to charities. When Laura Lydall has time away from her television career in which she has worked with the like is stars such as JCVD, Charlie Sheen and Pamela Anderson on 7 Ultratune television commercial which are known as Australia's most controversial television ads ever. Lydall is also spending her time as an artist painting modern abstract acrylic & oil paintings on canvases. Laura Lydall`s artworks display a unique three dimensional texture created from her using 3 mediums including spraypaint, oil pain and acrylic paint. This is a unique style of art which has become popular amongst art lovers. Laura Lydall intends on auctioning some of her artworks in an upcoming auction in 2021 where she confirmed proceeds will be donated to a charity supporting cancer. These artworks can be seen on www.facebook.com/lauralydallau Laura Lydall`s experience as a victim of cybercrime by online trolls has inspired her to seek to further her education by studying law at University in Sydney Australia with intention to help others. Here's information about Laura Lydall now studying Law with sights set on helping victims  effected by Cybercrime and online bullying.
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Here's 7 poker tips.  Laura Lydall would like to share with beginners.1. Don't play too many hands  2. Don't bluff too much. 3. Think about your opponents cards and what they could do using their cards. 4. Start out by playing against players worse than you to build confidence in your game. 5. Think about your position. 6. Pay close attention to the game. 7. Remember don't jump in at the high limits #lauralydall #missjetset #lawstudent #mrsaustralia #covermodel #australian #published #actress #supermodel #poker #artist #charity #television #